Managing Parental Stress With Emotional Intelligence (EI)

It’s November and for many of us, winter is approaching and bringing with it a variety of stressors. For many parents, the recent months have seen us bring our kids back to school, deal with

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As the founder of the emerging Calm In Your Palm™ brand, my team and I enthusiastically and diligently develop stories with entertaining and relatable characters. We plan to launch the brand in early November, 2019. Our stories teach children emotional intelligence and have accompanying products which make learning fun. I am beyond excited to launch our first two baby board books for our Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks™ series! The setting is Bug Island™, an enchanting place full of imagination right here in my home state of Colorado. Our main characters are twin grasshoppers, Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks. They explore and share their Bug Island home with Queen Betty Bee, Chief Franco Firefly, Maestro Humphrey Hummingbird, King Walt Worm, Aunt Andie Ant, Dr. Spinner Spider, Patoo, the flying blanket, and more. The Not SO Scary and What We Feel books teach children, ages 0+, the most basic foundation of emotional intelligence including learning the names and being aware of feelings. And I have written three Guides for fellow parents which share key tools for furthering the teaching of emotional intelligence to their young children; such as how to name, understand and manage one’s own emotions, manage the emotions of others, live mindfully, and be empathetic and compassionate with oneself and others. My three children are into adulthood now and at this stage of my life, I absolutely love to partner with parents of younger children along the heartfelt journey of raising happy children who thrive.